Market Rebound? Not So Fast!

The market closed with more gainers than losers (we don’t like to use the KLCI as a reference for overall market performance, because it represents the 30 stocks only. ).  Many investors & traders might see some hope in their investment. However, we find most of the stocks that have a price up in the past few trading days are showing signs of attracting buyers. 

With high volume pushing the price up but price throws back down to the same price when high volume in. Seems like a pump & dump to investors who always like to park at the lower price (which they think they buy at a cheaper price.). 

These are often used to attract buyers by generating high volume & prices. While parking a huge order at a certain price in the buy-sell queue to create an image of “support”. When investors start to see formation as mentioned above, they will park their buy order at the “support” or 1 or 2 price higher, thinking that they are buying at the “support”. As I mentioned earlier, these “ORDERS” can be cancelled anytime, it is not a transacted volume. When the big boys start to see investors start queuing at lower prices in the buy queue near the “Support” where they parked their buy orders. They will cancel their own “Support” order and leave investors in the queue. Then, they start to throw the shares to the investors. 

Investors might be happy at that time because they bought it at their desired price and thought they bought it at the “support”. On the other hand, big boys are happy that they are able to sell their shares. Sounds like a happy ending story. But the big boys are planning to exit, do you still want to get in? This is the reason why you will often see a long upper shadow before a price reversal. 

Big boys push up the price in the morning to attract buyers to queue at lower buy price (bid price) and throw the shares down to them. Refer to the chart below.

5 mins chart

Although such a rebound will last for 1 or 2 days in each stock. If you know how to trade short term, then there is some opportunity. Or else, don’t get too happy with the rebound & thinking “certain stock is cheap and it will never go cheaper”. Reminder again, the stock market is an interesting place where “you think” the price is too high, end up it can go higher. When “you think” it is too low, it can go lower. So STOP THINKING! You are not the market or the big boys! The market doesn't care what you think. Learn how to follow instead!

There’s always opportunity in the stock market. It's ok to miss out on some stocks, there are a lot more potential stocks in the market, maybe not now, but there are stocks going up & down every day. If you miss out on a stock, you gain nothing but you lose nothing too.    

Don’t rush into the stock market now because of a small price increase. Take this opportunity to learn the right way to make a consistent profit from the stock market. Such as following the big boys. If you are interested in following the big boys, you may look into our Operator Analysis training course at the link below. Our operator analysis is developed through trading experience in the Malaysia stock market. It is not like other analysis where plug & play from other countries. Which is a very different market from ours. We are the only 1 offering this training. 

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