R&S Operator Analysis on BTC: Bottom or Game Over?


Looking at how Elon Musk & other big boys can influence the crypto market, we can see how easy it is to manipulate the crypto market. This also means these big boys' intentions can be tracked easily through the price & volume action. For small potatoes like us, it is better to follow the big boys that can move the underlying asset price than no “guidance” in the market.


Let’s take a look at what we have found in recent BTC price & volume action tells us.


*Due to the price & volume data for BTC being different between exchanges. The volume & price data for our analysis are obtained from investing.com & cross-checked with various crypto exchanges to match with similar price movements. *


We start to see BTC prices often have high volume when the price is at the bottom. This shows that there is volume going in to support the price around this range. 


Right now the BTC price is still moving sideways. If the price continues to move sideways without high volume at the bottom but with a lower volume than the price range above [cool-down period], then we will need to monitor any price & volume up with high volumes right after the “cool-down period”.


Examples like what happened in 2021 May to mid-July 2021. 


However, the cool-down period might be longer or shorter depending on the big boys. One of the rules about following the big boys is, never move when big boys didn’t show any intention of marking up the price. You might get trapped in a very long sideways or even, the big boys throw the price lower before having a rebound or maybe no rebound. 


At the current stage, it is signalling that there is demand around the said price range. But it doesn’t show signs of big boys marking up the price yet. Let’s monitor the price & volume movement ahead to see if any big boys have the intention to move the price higher later.


*In Addition, *

Never follow the BTC trend in the news or it becomes a hot topic in the market. We notice whenever BTC is on the high side, all the news will be covering good news & bullish outlook about BTC. Then you will also see many “miners” or some crypto investment scheme showing up in the market. The worst thing you will see some businesses, by their business nature itself is not suitable to tokenize their business to start offering initial coin offerings. It sounds like a “mamak” going to have their own token for their customer. 


Usually, the price will fall not long after everyone is being so positive about the market. The cryptocurrency market is also the place of sell on rumours & NEWS. 


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