Signs That You Are Not Listening To The Market.

Traders and investors often thought they are listening to the market.

Follow the take profit target, closely following the company financial status.

In fact, the above are not really listening the market in my opinion. Rather it is your own expectation.


Take profit target is derived from the previous price action and "forecast" the future possible price movement. Yes, the forecast is predicting instead of following what is happening NOW.

In the stock market, current price action reflects on the intention of the big boys, whether they want to push higher or dump the shares.

With your forecast, you are expecting the price to move towards your expectation. What if it does not? Then you will lose some profit or even in the loss.

It's totally fine to have a profit target, but to be more realistic, you have to ditch the expectation and follow what is happening in that stocks now.

For example, in Technical Analysis you have resistance breakout stock, entry price at RM1.00 and your profit target is RM1.30, the cut loss is 5% from entry price, RM0.95. But the price starts to turn south when it reaches RM1.20. What should you do now? The most common action taken by the traders/ investors will wait and see, "since I got some profit to lose" mindset.

Unfortunately, the price doesn't rebound and hit your cut loss point at RM0.95. Your position from positive turned to negative. The worst thing is price rebounds after you exit and hit the target.

What's next? Common actions that a normal trader will do after the above incident. 

  1. Lower cut loss in the next trade to 10%.
  2. Set lower profit target next round.
  3. REFUSED TO CUT LOSS & Hope it will go up.

All of the above actions not only expose you to greater risk and losses but also limits you to maximize your profit. This will lead to an unhealthy risk and reward ratio.

What will a True Trader do on the above situation?

Can you see the difference now? 

There are big boys in any form in every financial market. How far the price can go is determined by the big boys, not us nor the previous price level. In order to put ourselves at lower risk and maximizing profit, we should follow them.

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“True traders react to the market.” is the backbone of our trading method. Our findings and strategies are developed through years of trading experience and observance of the operating style in Malaysia stock market.

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