Why We Bring Round & Surge To The World.

We believe every traders are able to make profit from the stock market to create additional income for their monthly expenses.

In practical we believe our Operator Analysis, looking at how operator moving the price and shares around is able to track their next moves and follow them accordingly.

By knowing this, we see consistent trading result by avoiding retrace trap and able to identified price up ahead of many other traditional or plug-n-play strategies from overseas.

This is not the normal forecasting or estimating the share price movement. It is about observing and understanding the operator current movement, that give you signal of they are attracting buyers or shaking off seller. This helps us to maximize the profit and minimize the losses for each trade.

For Example, if they need to sell their shares, they will attract buyers to buy the share by sending out buy signal that many traders looking at. This price and movement action signal us to avoid jumping into the particular stock although traditional technique signal buy.

This differentiate us from the rest, and the result give us confidence which will help every traders who are willing to accept our method achieve success in the stock market.

We believe in demonstrating live examples and continuous practices help our traders to learn easier and more effective. Therefore, we will hold hands together with R&S traders to watch the market everyday on live examples of operator movement to push the price up or going to throw the price down.

Traders can now react to the operator's action by taking profit or cut loss once they see operator have no intention to push the price higher. You no longer need to wait for the price to hit cut loss point to tell you that the particular trade is a wrong.

Is your money, take control.


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